Flea and Tick Value Kits - Save Money on Flea Medication

If you've got a dog or cat, or better yet, multiple dogs or cats, then you know how expensive it is to purchase flea and tick medication. The two most popular flea medications are Advantage II and Frontline Plus kits. If you purchase this medicine from a retail store, you'll find that a single monthly dose is about $15, which can add up fast if you have multiple pets.

However, there is a cheaper way. There are also flea value kits available, where you can buy the medicine you need in larger doses, and measure out the smaller doses you need to give you pets. The essentially is the same as purchasing the product in bulk to get a discount. We've found that by using this technique, you can get the price down to about $3 per dose, which is a tremendous cost savings over the regular retail value.